You want to do what?!

The very last leg of the journey
The very last leg of the journey

So the title of this very first post kind of says it all.  That was the reaction of the Hubs when I threw out my idea / plan that had come to me in the middle of the night on one very ordinary day in July.  It’s not like the idea was brand spanking new.  It was more like a lingering dream, a dream that had been on a shelf collecting cobwebs and becoming more and more faded with time.  Ever since taking our kidlets to France for the first time in 2006, I had flirted with this idea.  I had told the Hubs, “You know, I would really love for those little people to actually LIVE in France some day.”  But we kept busy having more kidlets and the weight of toddlerhood moved on to the weight of pre-adolescenthood, and then, on that July day I realized with such vivid clarity that the chances of seeing my dream ever bloom were becoming slimmer and slimmer.  In the middle of the night, I ran through the timeline – – – C would be in 8th grade next year (M in 7th, P in 2nd, and L entering kinder) and we would be caught in the throes of selecting a high school for C.  It seemed like from that high school selection on, the proverbial train would have left the station and my little booger of a dream would have been on board.  So the morning following this realization I said to the Hubs, “It’s now or never.” Let’s just say that not everyone was on board straight out of the shoot with my marvelous idea, but we can talk more about that later.  Just suffice it to say that not even 4 weeks after hearing that response, “You want to do what?!” here we are!  We arrived in France August 25th and all (I repeat all) of the kidlets are enrolled in school here.  I have put all expectations aside and am trying my hardest to just live this little adventure day by day (not an easy feat for miss Type A, anal, planner girl!).  If you want to join us, here is where I will try to capture it all – everything God has in store for us, the joys, the struggles, the observations, the complaints, the insights, the food, the friends, the cultural blunders, the journey as we live it day by day.

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